Wednesday, October 16, 2019

The Final Countdown

The Final Countdown is a video series on the signs of the end times presented by Sunrise Baptist Church in Las Vegas, Nevada, with Pastor Billy Crone. I have been watching it and have found myself considering the following thoughts:

  • How short is the time before Jesus Christ returns in judgment?
  • Am I living a faithful life that will find approval with God?
  • Am I faithfully sharing the love of Christ so all may come to know the joy of His salvation?

There are items in these videos that have educated me and parts that have challenged me. Some segments of the videos reveal the state of our culture and the world. The technology that is shown can at times seem beyond what we could have imagined and at times seem downright creepy.

Pastor Billy Crone is an energetic speaker and appears to be presenting well prepared messages that are relevant to our day and time and the are to the point. He also presents a sound Gospel message. Below is a link to the playlist of the videos on my YouTube page. If after checking out some of the episodes you would like to present the subject matter in a small group or Sunday School, The Final Countdown 9 Volume Set, is available on his Get A Life Media page. It is a 9 volume set of 50 discs.


Following is a breakdown of the topic matter on the videos. For those who want to know more about Pastor Billy Crone, I have provided a sermon of his that includes his personal testimony or you can check him out at Get A Life Ministries or Sunrise Baptist Church.

  • Sign #10, The Jewish People, Videos 1-3
  • Sign #9, Modern Technology, Videos 4-5
  • Sign #8, Worldwide Upheaval, Videos 6-8
  • Sign #7, The Rise of Falsehood, Videos 9-14, Video 15 is on UFO's
  • Sign #6, The Rise of Wickedness, Videos 16-20
  • Sign #5, The Rise of Apostasy, Videos 21-26
  • Sign #4, One World Religion, Videos 27-32
  • Sign #3, One World Government, Videos 33-38
  • Sign #2, One World Economy, Videos 39-44
  • Sign #1, The Mark of the Beast, Videos 45-50