Saturday, August 08, 2020
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Real Life in Romans

This is a message I delivered on May 11, 2012 when I was invited to speak to 130 men at the Minneapolis Salvation Army Rehab Center. It is basically an overview of the book of Romans with my testimony mixed in.

The title is a play on words as we can see our real lives in the book of Romans as well as the real life we can receive by faith in Christ Jesus. It was immediately suggested that I should come again with a message about why we sin which I hope to do soon. Thanks to Dave Johnson for the invite and hospitality.




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Are You A Good Person?

From Living Waters / Way of the Master

"Are you a good person?" animation produced by Cedric Hohnstadt from 

Additional animators include Michael Foster & Chance Dodd 

Mr. Nice Guy - Kirk Cameron; Narrator - David Jeremiah; Criminal/ Judge - Emeal ("E.Z.") Zwayne; Woman - Rachel Proctor.

Based on Hell's Best Kept Secret by Ray Comfort

The Bible ...

... is not a book about God looking for reasons and ways to damn us.

... is a book that tells of God's mercy and grace and His plan to save us from the damnation we deserve.