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Anoka Prayer Walk

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This article is written primarily as an overview for those who are willing to join in a prayer covering for me as I move forward on a 2 week adventure. It will be publicly published on my website afterward with its updates as a record for others to see as a testimony and praise to God. Hopefully it will also be an encouragement to those who read it as they seek to draw closer to God and walk in obedience to His call on their lives.


God has laid the City of Anoka and its 17,000+ residents on my heart. I began praying in earnest for the city on September 7 and sought God concerning what He was asking of me. I asked Him to plug me in wherever he wanted me to be and connect me to those with whom He wanted me to be established.

I had been praying the chorus from the song Oceans (Where Feet May Fail), by Hillsong United, as I have been seeking a closer walk with God.

Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders, let me walk upon the waters wherever You would call me. Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander, and my faith will be made stronger, in the presence of my Saviour.

Thus, a 17 day journey begins.

Day 1 – non-fasting day

As I laid out on my bed praying, prone before the Lord, I prayed for the city and its residents. While I was awake with my eyes closed, I saw the following. As though I was on a hang-glider I soared over the corner of a building and then followed a line of trees that appeared to canopy a pathway of some sort. It appeared as though the landscape dropped off to my left as if there was a waterway, though I could not see it. I asked the Lord where this was or what it meant as I did not recognize the building on my right, I could not see the perceived waterway and I saw no other landmarks. I simply got the impression of the state hospital and the Rum River trail so I determined to go to that path for my walk and prayer on that morning.

My Prayer

  • For the revival of the faith of believers in the city.
  • That God would raise up prayer warriors in the city.
  • That the light of the gospel and God’s truth would shine forth in the city.
  • For the salvation of the 17,000+ souls in Anoka.
  • For God to send His angels to do battle with the principalities over this city, piercing the darkness and lifting the veil.
  • Against all witchcraft, antichrist spiritual activities and demonic activity in the city.
  • For the city leaders and business community leaders to act in righteousness.
  • For the businesses of followers of Christ to flourish as they do their work in a God honoring fashion.
  • For the businesses of those directly opposed to the things of God to cease to be able to operate profitably.
  • For all other businesses to be redeemed, coming to operate in ways acceptable to God, and to prosper for the sake of the city.
  • Against the crime and the drug and alcohol effects on the city.
  • For the law enforcement individuals and their safety and integrity.
  • For viable employment and the needs of the residents.
  • For His hedge of protection around those who undertake this venture.

This is spiritual warfare, not a battle of the flesh. There is bondage, oppression and sin from many sources. Some believe that Anoka is a spiritual stronghold that is the linchpin to the Twin City metro area. Much of the demonic present is linked to the past in this city, though there are also many stories of evangelistic movements in the city as well. In my research on some stats I found that Anoka is safer to live in than only 17% of the cities in Minnesota and 38% of the cities in the nation.

The prayer walk today was from my home, through downtown Anoka and up the Rum River trail past the former state hospital and the high school, ending at the SA on Bunker and 47. The walk was 8.8 miles, including the return trip, which was very encouraging for me. This was a major accomplishment for me after the 6 month gout issue last summer and the foot and ankle problems since then. The walk did appear to simulate the underside view of the earlier vision.

After my morning prayer time and this walk with prayer, God seemed to lay this plan on my heart. It was to have times of fasting and prayer leading up to a prayer walk encircling the city 2-3 weeks down the road. I determined to do the prayer walk on September 23. I did not feel led to fast the whole time, so I prayerfully set up a schedule. In the end it came down to 17 days with 9 fasting and 8 non-fasting days.

For some reason my curiosity was peaked about the numbers. After I set the calendar, the source I checked on biblical numbers showed the following.

17 Days Total; September 7 through 23; 17 = Victory.

9 Days of Fasting; interspersed throughout the 17 days; 9 = Fruit of the Spirit / Divine Completeness from the Father.

8 Days not Fasting; The final day is a non-fasting day; 8 = New Birth / New Beginnings.


Day 2 – fasting day

I had a good time of prayer in the morning and spent the day babysitting 2 of my granddaughters. I went for a short evening walk with my wife and had some quiet prayer time for the city as we walked. The walk was a short trip this time, 2.3 miles, as I was still recovering from the long walk on day 1.

I decided to text a friend from whom I had heard of a group which gathered on Wednesday mornings to pray for the Anoka area. It had been suggested to me a couple of times over the past few months, but I had never attended. He was not going to make it due to work commitments, but gave me the necessary info. I texted another friend who I knew had been there before to see if he was going the next morning so I might not have to go alone. I had been praying that God would plug me in where He wanted me and introduce me to those with whom He wanted me to link up. The gentleman I texted replied with a phone call and informed me that he was going to the prayer meeting and I arranged to meet him there. He then invited me to another meeting prior to the prayer meeting and another one after. The one call resulted in three episodes. God was quick to answer that prayer.


Day 3 – fasting day

Another good day of morning prayer time, followed by a little time laying out this article.

The first meeting was with 6 other people who were planning an event in a park on October 17. This event of worship in the park will replace the annual prayer walk they had done the past couple years. There will be casual prayer walks in the time between now and then. God plugged me into that group.

The prayer group was a dozen people of various age groups that focused upon every aspect of the city. It was an hour of intense prayer during which I had a heavy sense of the presence of God. It was obvious that this group had been seriously praying for quite some time. They wasted little time diving right into meaningful prayer.

I then met with a group of four people that were searching out a meeting place on Main Street. This was to be primarily used for a focus point of meeting to pray and worship leading up to the October event and perhaps under the right circumstances for further activities or plans after the event in October. This group is loosely calling this time in Anoka, "The Anoka Awakening" (I took this name as the title of this article). They are not looking at one time events, but rather an ongoing point of the presence of God in this city. Perhaps I should say “we” rather than “they” as I felt immediately linked to this group and their vision. And unlike my prayer of Day 1 that prayed against some of the evil in the city, this group is focused on worship and allowing the glory of God to overtake the evil of the city. There was a very positive vibe and an enthusiasm for seeing what God will do with this venture.

After spending time updating this article, I am going to spend the remainder of the afternoon with my beautiful bride before attending my regular Wednesday evening worship time known as "The Fire Pit".


Day 4 – fasting day

Today was a day to measure the length of Anoka amid the 8.4 mile walk. The north/south distance was 3.5 miles.


Day 5 – non-fasting day

No walking today. The first half of the day consisted of an in-depth prayer session with three other Spirit filled believers that netted very good results for me. The evening began a weekend spiritual conference that I attended.


Day 6 – non-fasting day

No walking today. I attended a weekend spiritual conference.


Day 7 – fasting day

No walking today. I attended a weekend spiritual conference.


Day 8 – non-fasting day

Today was a day to measure the breadth of Anoka amid the 7.1 mile walk. The east/west distance was 3.7 miles. Based on the length and breadth of the city, I estimate the perimeter walk will be roughly 15 miles plus a little for the zigs and the zags.


Day 9 – fasting day

Amidst a 4.8 mile walk, I measured a portion of the southeast segment of the proposed walk at 2.6 miles.


Day 10 – non-fasting day

Amidst a 9.1 mile walk, I measured the northeast segment of the proposed walk at 4.4 miles.


Day 11 – fasting day

No walking today as I recover from the long walk yesterday.


Day 12 – non-fasting day

Amidst a 5.8 mile walk, I measured the northwest segment of the proposed walk at 3.1 miles.


Day 13 – non-fasting day

No walking today as I preached in the morning, served in the afternoon and took a couple of the granddaughters for an overnight.


Day 14 – fasting day

No walking today amidst morning church service and granddaughters for the day.


Day 15 – fasting day

Amidst a 9.4 mile walk, I measured the southwest segment and the remainder of the southeast portion of the proposed walk. The southwest segment was at 4.1 miles. The southeast portion was 1.2 miles, for a total of 3.8 miles.


Day 16 – fasting day

This evening was a leisurely 2.8 walk with my wife to loosen up my legs after the long walk yesterday in preparation for the longer walk tomorrow. We walked through the "Duck" park and Peninsula Point Park as I silently prayed concerning what I know about the areas. As we walked through the Peninsula Point Park, my wife commented on the "creepy feeling". She agreed that it is a beautiful park with quality assets. She couldn't pinpoint why she had the sensation, but she knew that she wasn't feeling comfortable in that park. I explained to her that she was now experiencing the results of evil activities which are at the root of the prayer walk I was undertaking.


Day 17 – non-fasting day

The big day has arrived. The walk around the perimeter of the City of Anoka measured 15.8 miles. Including the 2-1/4 miles to and from the starting/end point, the walk totaled 18 miles on the day. It was an amazing day which include this 5 hour morning walk. 

To read about the experience of the walk, please click here on The Walk


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