Saturday, August 08, 2020

Please Support Us and Thank You

This is a time of transition at Truth Driven LLC and we are eternally grateful for your blessings in whatever way you have been and/or will continue to support us.

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 The Transition

From: The Tent-Maker Model

To: The Worker Worthy of Wages Model

After a decade of working full and part time jobs while serving in evangelism and discipleship roles, it is time to convert the great prayer and moral support to a more tangible physical support. 


This is not a transition to full time ministry as I believe I have always been in full time ministry in whatever walk of life I have found myself in. Certainly over the past 3 years since selling my Kenworth and leaving the trucking industry I have been solely committed to Truth Driven LLC while picking up part time or odd jobs to supplement the income for necessary expenses. However, every minute I spend earning money is time taken away from evangelism and discipleship.

Presently I am investing 45 hours per week when taking into consideration all ministry work; preparation, presentation and post-production. In my prayer time I constantly ask God for the direction He would desire that I go. If He prefer I go work and reduce ministry opportunity, I am fine with that. In my prayer and in seeking counsel from trusted brothers and sisters in Christ, fund raising appears to be the proper direction for me at this time. I am being encouraged to increase the ministry outreach and seek support rather than drawing back and dividing my time.

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 The Means of Support

There are numbers of possible ways for you to support Truth Driven LLC. I am certain that, as is often the way with God, there will be surprises that we have not even thought of. Your prayerful consideration of how to support Truth Driven LLC is the key to the successful and creative ministry we can offer to the community.


Prayer is the cornerstone of any successful work in the Kingdom of God. Only in coming to the end of ourselves are we ready to fully follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. Personal prayer and intercessory prayer is crucial to staying in tune with the work God is doing or what He is wanting us to accomplish. It is only in His strength, with His grace and guidance, that an acceptable work can be accomplished that bears fruit for the Kingdom.

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Whether a letter, a message or personal contact, encouragement in the form of moral support is another very important aspect of Christian living and ministry. Again, as seems to be the way with God, a phone call or note of encouragement seems to arrive at the perfect time. The simplest word or phrase can lift one out of discouragement when received at the proper time. It is not without cost as the one who offers the encouragement must make the effort prayerfully and in sincerity.

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A generously thought out material offering can be used to enhance the ministry work or save the funds for other uses. Office supplies or furniture, promotional or ministry materials, items used in post-production such as CD's, DVD's and cases, or any other items one sees being used or needed are a blessing every bit as much as the funding that would be needed to purchase the new or used materials.

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Meeting space for services, teaching classes or meetings is always needed if new ministry ideas are to be enacted. Storage room for audio and video equipment would be appreciated. Seating areas for classes or seminars is something on the future plans list. Office or warehouse space to set up studio and green screen areas for video production would be handy. Without the funds for our own space, perhaps a corner of someone else's space would work for us.

Click Here for our ideas that require space.

 Social Activity

Whether it is through normal social activity or via social media outlets, positive word of mouth, or word of type, is a valuable means of promotion for which there is no price I can name. Talking to friends, sharing and liking online items, and other means of spreading awareness of the ministry is invaluable to the long term.

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Monetary support is always needed to some degree regardless of the amount of other support received. From something as simple as the gas to get to an event to the more expensive replacement, upgrade or addition of equipment, success is only achieved with the appropriate funding.

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 Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

No matter which of the methods above you choose, or other means of support you come up with, your gift will be greatly appreciated.

Please be prayerful in your consideration as to how you would like to participate in this ministry, either actively or coming alongside us. It is my desire that any gift we receive is a gift that God is blessing. If you are in His will with your participation, I believe there will be a blessing for you as well, whether here or in eternity. Whether you do or don't participate with us, my desire is that you have sought God in the matter and that you are in obedience with your actions. I pray that your walk with God is faithful, fruitful and a blessing to you and others.



Though we are not a non-profit organization, we do receive, and gladly accept, donations from those who support our work. The only issue us that there is no tax deduct-ability for the donations. We are also thankful for those who support us in prayer.