Saturday, August 08, 2020


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Monetary support is always needed to some degree regardless of the amount of other support received. From something as simple as the gas to get to an event to the more expensive replacement, upgrade or addition of equipment, success is only achieved with the appropriate funding.


 The Means

The means of getting a financial donation to us is as simple as hitting the donate button at the bottom of this page. If you do not have, or do not want to set up, a PayPal account, we can arrange another way.

If you are local, you can always get a check or cash into my hands.

If you are not local, you can contact me for a mailing address. Whether an office or a P.O. Box, I hope to soon have a mailing address which I can publish on the site for mail or deliveries.

As we progress on this transition, I will be pursuing the means for any credit or debit card to be able to make a donation on line without having to open a separate account through a third party.


From office supplies to fees for utilities and internet access, cash is necessary.


The website, promotional materials and meeting other needs all comes at a cost.


There is a cost associated with producing videos or literature. In addition to money there is a great cost of time. Being limited by a finite number of hours each day, growth demands more time from another source. Whether volunteers or employees, there is some cost involved to get the job done.


The production is without value if there is no distribution plan in place. Equipment and materials all have a price.


Equipment, transportation and fuel can amount to a very large portion of the budget. Most of the ministry we do is going out to where they are rather than them coming to us.


To this point, the income that has been generated by my wife and I has been the bulk of the financial support. There is an occasional gift or donation that eases the burden, but nothing to be counted upon as a stable source of support.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my beautiful wife for her unwavering support as I serve the Lord as I believe He is calling upon me to do.

Secondly, a special supporter I would like to thank is Garret Berge with SimpliNow, Simpli Sensational Business. Garret has been generous and an asset to this ministry in a number of ways including financial, equipment and internet assistance donations.

I would love to add your name to this list! Will you please support me and Truth Driven LLC in the sharing of the gospel and the encouragement of our brothers and sisters in Christ?


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Though we are not a non-profit organization, we do receive, and gladly accept, donations from those who support our work. The only issue us that there is no tax deduct-ability for the donations. We are also thankful for those who support us in prayer.