Saturday, August 08, 2020

Operating Space

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Meeting space for services, teaching classes or meetings is always needed if new ministry ideas are to be enacted. Storage room for audio and video equipment would be appreciated. Seating areas for classes or seminars is something on the future plans list. Office or warehouse space to set up studio and green screen areas for video production would be handy. Without the funds for our own space, perhaps a corner of someone else's space would work for us.


Following are some of the things we currently have on our "wish list" radar.


This ministry is currently operating out of a small room in my home. Certain limitations in meetings and gatherings arise due to this circumstance. There are also advantages to working at home, but a meeting place and office space would be nice at times.

Office space for editing and video production would require approximately enough space for two desks, a couple of file cabinets and a couple of book cases. Perhaps 250 square feet? More space would allow for small group meetings. 


An open meeting space would be handy for seminars or study groups. A room in the range of 15 feet by 20 feet or larger would allow for a variety of uses.

  • Chairs set up facing a speaker at one end. A screen and projector with a podium and speakers at one end would be useful for seminar type events.
  • Chairs in a circle for a small group or study group set up.
  • Tables and chairs for planning meetings or small events.


Ample space is needed to set up a broadcast studio of sorts. Green screen use requires a depth of field and slightly higher ceilings than I have to work with around the house. Again, my guess would be something in the range of 15 feet by 20 feet or larger space would be needed with a 10 foot high, or more, ceiling. This space could be office or warehouse space.


This would be relatively the same as the office space noted above. The idea here is for the editing, producing and packaging of the videos. Space is needed for desks, tables and equipment to do the jobs.


Storage space is needed for the audio and video equipment. Warehouse space would be ideal, but office space could work. A couple hundred square feet would be sufficient at this time.

  • Road Cases with Equipment
  • Lighting Stands and Trusses
  • Audio Equipment
  • Tents
  • Tables

Security would be of concern for this part of the equation considering the value of the equipment we would be storing.


Where ever the space is that we store materials, accessibility is important for loading and unloading the van without a flight of steps. A dock would work as a ramp could be run from the van to the dock just as it would be run from the van to the ground. A drive in space would be wonderful, but not necessary.


A little larger warehouse space could serve all of the purposes as long as it is heated enough to be operational for desk work and gatherings.

Unused space in someone's building that could be donated for our purposes would be most appreciated. If you know of such a space local to Anoka, MN, please contact me.



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