Saturday, August 08, 2020

Ministry Material Needs

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A generously thought out material offering can be used to enhance the ministry work or save the funds for other uses. Office supplies or furniture, promotional or ministry materials, items used in post-production such as CD's, DVD's and cases, or any other items one sees being used or needed are a blessing every bit as much as the funding that would be needed to purchase the new or used materials.


Following are some of the things we currently have on our "needs" radar and things that we regularly use.


  • Printer Ink Cartridges (60 Series - HP Photosmart C4795)
  • Printer Paper (variety of colors and quality)


  • Pens and Notepads for Event and Study Attendees
  • Portable PA System (current equipment aging with issues)


  • Video Camera Tripod (current equipment falling apart)
  • HD Video Camera (upgrade current quality, 2nd camera for multi-angle)
  • Wireless Microphone or Headset System
  • Cables for Audio and Video
  • Sound Board
  • Multi-Camera Editor/Controller 


  • Software Upgrades (Editing, Labeling, etc.)
  • Video Editing Equipment
  • CD and DVD Replication Equipment


  • Road Cases for Equipment
  • Ramp for Loading and Unloading the Van
  • Equipment Cart for Moving Equipment
  • E-Track for Van to Secure Equipment


  • Promotional Fliers for Events (i.e. Sunday.Fridley Bible Study)
  • Signage for Guiding People into Events


 Truth Driven Event Assistance

Truth Driven Event Assistance was created to generate some income by allowing others to put our equipment to work when Truth Driven LLC is not using it for a function of our own. We offer lighting, sound and recording equipment for hire or rental.

Additionally, we have frequently allowed ministries within our local church to use our equipment as needed at no charge.

At the bottom of the equipment list of items we have to offer is a wish list of items that would round out the packages we seek to offer. Perhaps you have something to offer from that list.

Here is a partial listing of equipment that we use for the events in which we participate. Please contact us if you would like to use any of our equipment for your next gathering or event.

Event Assistance Equipment List



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Though we are not a non-profit organization, we do receive, and gladly accept, donations from those who support our work. The only issue us that there is no tax deduct-ability for the donations. We are also thankful for those who support us in prayer or by any other means.