Saturday, July 11, 2020

Truth Driven Evangelism & Discipleship (Ministry)

Salvation Army Rehab Unit

I have been submitted to Jesus Christ as my Lord since February of 1985. Since that time I have grown to become a speaker and teacher through various business experiences, church leadership positions and raising a family. My emphasis has been twofold:

Evangelism: Share the good news of the Gospel with all who will listen.

Discipleship: Challenge believers to live more holy lives.

I enjoy my time in assisted living centers weekly as I preach, teach and share the love of Christ with the residents. I also lead a men's small group Bible study weekly through my local church. I am grateful for the current opportunities of ministry as I keep an eye toward more public speaking at seminars and retreats.



The picture is of me speaking to a group of men at the Minneapolis Salvation Army rehab unit. The talk was "Real Life in Romans".


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